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ScreenFlow for Mac is considered one of the best screencast for your Mac. We consider it to be the best application for recording a screencast or a video of your Mac’s desktop. Pretty much all you have to do is hit Record and go for it. The current version of Screenflow available in the Mac Store is version 4 and the development team behind this awesome software is Telestream.

What are Screencasts?

Screencasts are an incredibly useful way to teach people how to use applications. A well-edited screencast can make using a new web app or understanding a computer-based task a breeze for anyone, regardless of their prior ability. Some of the popular screencast applications are Screenflow and Camatasia.

Screenflow Mac Review

Screenflow sports a clean interface design and follows a similar design aesthetic to iMovie, using many different shades of grey to create a professional interface that isn’t distracting or overbearing.

ScreenFlow does a great job of capturing your numerous clicks, drags, and actions on your screen. It can also record audio from either your built in microphone or your own plug-in microphone.

You don’t need to define a capture area before recording, as ScreenFlow records your entire screen with an algorithm that gives you the highest quality recording, low file sizes, and the flexibility to record everything and decide later what to edit out.

The list of features in the edit process is long but just to point out a few of my favorites – I like the way you can spotlight the mouse with a circle the size of your own choosing and feather the edges. You can easily resize the image and add a reflection (looks good on a blog!).

screenflow mac review

Screenflow 4 is powerful enough to enable full-screen, 2880 x 1800-resolution screen capture with brilliant detail, while keeping file sizes low.

Screenflow mixes the simple ability to record video of your screen with the useful utilities of video editing that you might need when you’re trying to share something a little more professional. It can also export to a bunch of formats like .avi and .mp4, and it can also publish to YouTube or Vimeo. Overall a must buy for any screencast work on Mac.

Rating: ★★★★★

Availability: Mac Store

Price: $99

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