ArchitTrek Review

ArchitTrek has been a web-based document management solution for architects and design professionals in the construction industry. Now the ArchitTrek solution has made its way to the iOS platform. Does the ArchitTrek app meet expectations? Lets find out!

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ArchitTrek Review

ArchitTrek has been a popular web-based project document management software solution. Its primary concept was to create a simple solution for project management from inception through design, bidding, construction administration and warranty. Now an iOS app for ArchitTrek has been made available.

ArchitTrek mobile app allows ArchitTrek subscribers to create Projects, Field Reports, Contractor Reports, and Meeting Minutes for all of their Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Projects (AEC), thereby saving time and increasing productivity. You can create rich text file reports and email them to yourself or others to be edited in Microsoft Word.

The application is especially geared towards saving time on the creation and submission of Field Reports, Contractor Reports, and Meeting Minutes. The ArchitTrek mobile app also allows subscribers to create a new project and view downloaded projects, project contacts and project numbers from ArchitTrek’s software.

You can compose Comprehensive Field Reports that include photos, action items, general observations, and work-in-progress updates. Also, compile Contractor Reports while performing walkthroughs. These reports can include photos, equipment-on-site comments, a field for injuries or accidents with comments, a record of subs on site at the time of the report, and work descriptions. Users can also duplicate a previous report and edit with any new changes to save time.

Meeting minutes are captured at the time of the meeting in real-time from the device. Photos of the meeting as well as action & discussion items can also be included. Select your existing project from a downloaded list, from ArchitTrek, or create projects on your device and then compose your project specific Field Report, Contractor Report, or Meeting Minutes.

All Reports & Meeting Minutes can be emailed to user’s selected recipients with the report showing up in a ready to print format or can be saved as a Rich Text File.


Navigation of ArchiTrek is easily learned with minimal training. ArchitTrek is a very useful solution for architects and design professionals in the construction industry.

[rating: 5/5]

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