If you’re using this form to submit your app for review, please note the following:

Due to the the overwhelming volume of app review requests we get, it is physically impossible for us to review all the apps being submitted for review. We review only a portion of the apps submitted for review (currently we review about 1 in 30).

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee a review via standard submissions. We currently have a backlog of over 5 months out and may no longer be accepting free app requests until early 2014.

However, to do justice to our job of publishing app reviews, your time and help your app get the place it deserves, we have outsourced a part of the review work exclusively to a team. Unfortunately this comes at a cost. Luckily, we’ve found a way to keep the costs down and provide you the services at nominal and never heard of prices. We’ve included our sister website in the offer as well, so that your app gets the maximum possible exposure.

Select from the following options:

  • $5 for a review in AppSparkle.com – Monthly visitors: 10,500+
  • $10 for a review in SurvivalGuide4Idiots.com – Monthly visitors: 36,000+
  • $5 for a 15 day sidebar advertisement in AppSparkle.com
  • $10 for a 15 day sidebar advertisement in SurvivalGuide4Idiots.com
Combo Package – $20 for all the 4 above (a 33% saving).
Your app will be promoted on the Facebook page (1000+ Likes) and also with our Twitter followers (700+ followers)

* Please note the above prices are for free apps only. We do review Paid apps as well. Please add 2x (2 times) the cost of the paid app to the above prices.

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