Most of the apps that we review are given to us via promo codes. Receiving a promo code will not guarantee a positive review, although we at AppSparkle being ex-developers ourselves, we do understand the mindset of developers and do try to find something positive to say about each app.

Due to the the volume of app review requests we get, it is physically impossible for us to review all the apps being submitted for review. We try to be selective at the beginning of the review process and apply our discretionary powers to select the apps we must review. Usually most of  the apps that end up on our site will be ones that we enjoy and believe will make a difference.

Per the FTC rules FTC requires bloggers need to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. To be in good books of the regulators and preserve your reading experience, we would like to make the following disclosures : Please assume that, for every recommendation, link, and product we use, the following all hold true:






























(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)