Echograph for iPad Review

It is a foregone conclusion that videos are thousands of times more powerful than pictures. However, sometimes, the videos end up saying more that we want them to. This is what Echograph helps us do. Echograph combines both allowing you to have a still image with subtle moving parts. We witnessed a demo of the app Echograph at Macworld. Release of Echograph was highly anticipated while we had comparable apps available at the same time – Kinotpic and Cinemagram. Did Echograph meet expectations – let’s find out.

App Reviewed: Echograph

Category: Photo & Video

Price: $2.99

Echograph Review

The Instagram of Animated GIFs is here – Echograph. Echograph is an app at the intersection of photography and video, created by artists for artists. Have a look at two images, which have been rendered a powerful touch by Echograph.

Sharing is made easy by allowing you to connect directly to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr using Echograph.

Echograph outputs are made for .mp4 & .gif and are of much higher quality. The iPad offers up a great creativity platform, and Echograph is a perfect example of what’s possible. You can either use a new or existing video and cut it down to 5 seconds. Next you pick a single still frame from your five second or less video. Then you get to paint with your finger over the regions that you want the video to play.

The Echograph creations are HTML5 compatible allowing them to play back automatically on the web. The app also has an import system allowing you to add videos from DSLRs, HD video cameras, and the iPhone on top of the iPad’s own camera.


Echograph is the Instagram of animated GIFs. On the downside, Echograph could have used a few more precision controls and made it easy to view other’s creations – the same way Instagram did.

Overall Echograph is a brilliant technology that creates amazing results and yet, is extremely easy to use. Go and get Echograph.

[rating: 4.5/5]

How to Download Echograph

Get Echograph from the Apple iTunes Store.

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