Falling Stars Review

App Reviewed: Falling Stars

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Falling Stars Review

Falling Stars from Trident Vitality lets you create a world of music in seconds. On the first screen opens an advertisement for Trident Vitality gum and two options. One is to view the tutorial, the other to play. Here’s a demo video of the app.

Go ahead and play the app. You’ll be taken to a serene outdoor scene with a starry sky and blue green theme. To begin simply select a type of vine from the toolbar and draw across the background. Put as many different vines as you would like and touch the stars to make them rain droplets onto the vines to create sounds. Each vine makes a different type of sound, some being rhythmic and others booming with bass. The vines wiggle with every drop, changing the beats and notes as they go. The tempo can even be sped up by touching the stars to increase the number of droplets. And if you love your new rhythmic song you can save it to listen to again later, or share to Facebook, Twitter or even email.


Falling Stars is a creative app for sure and one that will keep you busy for hours.

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