FirstWords: Feelings Review

Having spent several unfruitful hours trying to make my son learn, I met with limited or no success. The learning experiment dd not go down well with either of us. Then I sifted my focus to providing him apps appropriate to his age. My son showed a tremendous learning curve when using the apps.

If you choose the right apps for your iPhone or iPad, you can actually make your kids learn while they play. This is what I learned with several of educational apps from the App Store. There is an app, which is listed in the Games category, but does more of educating the kids rather than play.

App Reviewed: FirstWords: Feelings

Category: Games

Price: $1.99

FirstWords: Feelings Review

FirstWords: Feelings makes your kids ready with pre-reading skills by making them learn about feelings. FirstWords: Feelings is the latest in the best selling FirstWords series from Learning Touch. It includes 38 words to help your child identify and understand common emotions and feelings by matching letters of the alphabet and spelling words.

When downloading the app and reading about it – I was keen to know those 38 words myself because I could not recall 38 words related to feelings :-). FirstWords: Feelings will takes your child on a fun-filled tour of human emotions ranging from . Each feelings word is paired with a delightfully drawn facial expression and sound effect to further reinforce the meaning of the word.

FirstWords: Feelings provides you with a lot of options to customize it to best suit your kids’ age and learning ability. You can switch between letter words and phonics, change letter case from lower to upper or mixed, choose the length of words and the order in which they will show up.


FirstWords keeps your child engaged and help them learn more about feelings. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you notice them using the same words to express their feelings.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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