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Flipboard for iPhone Review

Flipboard has been one of the essential iPad apps. When it was released, Flipboard looked like it was born for the iPad. Drawing on links from your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and from pre-selected news sources, it creates a ‘social magazine’ that is lovely to look at, simple to use and one of the most recommended apps ever.

Flipboard on the iPhone is clearly the same app as the iPad version with a few clever reorientation to make the app fit better on the smaller screen. The most obvious difference is the way you flip between pages: On the iPad, you swipe horizontally to flip between pages; on the iPhone, pages swipe vertically instead. Never the less, it works without any hassle! The Flipboard app for the iPhone has been designed to be used with one hand – the phone in the palm of your hand while your thumb ‘flips’ the pages.

A new section, Cover Stories, brings together new material from across your sources, providing the ideal channel to skim through while you’re in a queue or on the bus. There are now Flipboard accounts too, so that iPad users can bring across their content. I’m not a huge fan of the feature. I prefer browsing the specific sources that capture my current interest, but, I appreciate its appeal.

The iPhone incarnation of Flipboard has a few issues as well – No doubt the iPhone version of Flipboard has a reading-friendly layout. But flipping through iPhone screen-sized pages makes feel that you’re reading a lengthier article. There’s not always a way to visually assess how far into the text you are—or how much text is left. I’d prefer a more traditional scroll bar as I swiped through.


Flipboard for iPhone is reading-friendly and is blazingly fast. Flipping through content is not just fast is wonderfully smooth too. Flipboard sets a new benchmark for iPhone news apps. I don’t use it as an RSS reader, Facebook reader, or Twitter reader, though it certainly encompasses elements of all three. It’s probably going too far to say that this is worth the price of an iPhone but it’s certainly a must-have for every iPhone owner.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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