Front Flash Lets You Click Beautiful Pictures in Dark Places

Front Flash lets you click beautiful pictures in dark places like bar, clubs, movie theaters, parties or any other dark place.

App Reviewed: Front Flash

Developer: David Jr Duran
Category: Photo & Video
Price: $0.99 (when reviewed)
Version Reviewed: 1.0

Front Flash Review

Front Flash is not just like any other camera app. As the name suggest, front flash acts as a flash light for your iPhone’s front camera allowing you to take amazingly bright photos even in totally dark places.

All iPhone, iPad or iPod touch have an inbuilt flash for taking photographs using back camera which allows you to take photographs even in dark surroundings. But when you try to take your own photo with the front facing camera in a dark place like bar, club etc, your iPhone will let you down as it doesn’t do a good job of taking beautiful pictures in less illuminated areas. End result is nothing but dark pictures. It’s now that you should close your iPhone’s camera app and open awesome and innovative Front Flash app.

As soon as you open this app, it will enable the front facing camera of your iOS device.  Camera’s output which is shown on the screen is surrounded by a white background and there are 3 buttons at the bottom of the app. The bright flash will illuminate any area, which will draw clarity into photos and videos without having any photo or video editing skills. Below are the main features of Front Flash app.

Easy to use Interface: It’s very easy to use Front Flash and you won’t need any help to operate it. Just adjust the brightness and click ‘Snap’ to take the picture.

Control Brightness: Depending on your current surroundings you can control the brightness of the screen which will impact your final photos. As you start to move the brightness slider left / right, you would notice the image quality of your camera output window will change. Set the brightness to a point which you feel is right for taking your picture.

FrontFlash_2 FrontFlash_1

Dual Mode: By default, Front Flash app opens in night mode i.e. it assumes that you’re in a dark surrounding and it will automatically adjust the settings according to it. But if you plan to use the app during day time, you can also switch to day mode. Brightness can be controlled in both the modes.

Record Video: You can use Front Flash to take pictures as well as record videos in dark places.

Saved to iOS device: All you photos and videos are stored in your iOS device albums. Once you’re done clicking all your photographs or videos, simply go to your photo albums to view and share your photos with others.

Front Flash vs iPhone’s inbuilt Camera app:

To test the app functionality I took one photo using the iPhone 4S camera app and then 2nd one using Front Flash app, both in totally dark room. I was really impressed with the quality of image produced by Front Flash app and it was way better that iPhone’s inbuilt camera. Apple should really take note of such apps and improve their existing camera app.


  • Awesome Images in Dark Places
  • Ability to record videos in dark


Overall Front Flash is an awesome app but after having reviewed so many camera and photo editing apps, I would suggest the developers to add social sharing features in the app, so that user can directly share their images on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram etc.


Front Flash is highly recommended for any person who frequents the bar or clubs. You would love this app once you start using it.

How to Download Front Flash

You can download Front Flash directly from App Store or simply scan the below QR code from your smartphone




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