Game Your Video Review

If you thought video editing was just a game for professionals – I’d say you’ve been gamed! If you’ve heard about Instagram (Instagram works for photos), you can very well consider Game Your Video to be Instagram for Videos! Let us take a closer look at all the features this app has to offer.

App Reviewed: Game Your Video

Category: Photo & Video

Price: $1.99

Game Your Video Review

Game Your Video is for sure sounds like a weird name. Have a closer look and you’ll understand why. Game Your Video is essentially a video editor that allows you to add effects to your videos. Similar to what Instagram does to photos, Game Your Video does to videos. Give a colorful faux-retro look, including black & white and sepia-toned effects to your videos. It allows you to add effects to videos in real time i.e. add effects while you shoot.

The interface is really simple – Choose an existing video from your library to add effects to them by choosing ‘Game Your Video’ or choose ‘Game Your Video Live’ to shoot a video from your device and add effects as you shoot in real time. Both the options are equally easy and fun to use.

From adding a simple slow motion to your victory shot to adding a complex Matrix movie like effect to your dance move, you can do it all.  Slow motion, fast motion, visual echo, psychedelic effects like RGB Split, Spin and Jitter, three-in-one are some of the motion effects that will get you moving.
Create videos of your boss yelling at you in Chipmunk or a Baby voice or record a Scary story in a demon voice. Chipmunk, Baby voice, Scary, Echo will help you create some “rolling on the floor” type of comedy videos.
Change the mood of a video through some best in class visual filters. They have a wide range from Nostalgia to Cinematic covering Noir, 70’s, B&W, Blockbuster and Old School.

Flavors let you magically pick up the best combination of audio, visual and motion effects to create your own genre of videos. So turn back in time with Chaplin, create a horror story complete with sounds or have a comic talk between Chipmunk and Baby.


The device is a native iPhone app and hence stretches when used on the iPad 2. Another drawback is that if you would like to use the themes soundtrack or music from your library after the video has been shot, the video overlays the existing sountrack eliminating natural sounds and voiceover, if any.
What the heck! The app is just priced at just $1.99 and not $199. Whether you are an amateur who wants to have fun with an iOS devices camera or a person who wants to capture memories with some funky effects or someone who wants to make interesting home movies with an iPhones camera, this app is definitely worth the investment.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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