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History of Rock Review

The book “The History of Rock” by Parragon Books Ltd, 2011 is now available on your iPad as well.

Rock music fans will love this comprehensive and lavishly illustrated history of rock music, compiled by renowned writer on rock music, Mark Paytress. Discover how rock has grown from its surprise, sometimes shocking post-war beginnings into a multi-billion dollar industry that caters to all manner of tastes.

The app guides the user through rock music’s first sixty years, a period that has witnessed many remarkable changes as rock continues to draw on ever-wider influences, constantly reinventing itself.

From its origins in post-war America to its emergence as the siren call for the late 1960s youth revolution, from the theatrical, troubled 1970s to stadium rock and the digital age, rock music has proven to be remarkably resilient and adaptable—and more popular than ever. This app explains, in simple terms, how and why rock music has become such a potent force in popular culture. YouTube links and iTunes integration make it possible to view featured musicians in action, or sample song previews simply by clicking on the relevant icon.

Organized in roughly chronological fashion, the app’s narrative is neatly divided into eras, each with its own key artists and rock music styles. Breakout sections introduce relevant pop culture fads and fashions, while an extensive timeline provides a continuous thread connecting all the elements that make up the story of rock music.


Rock music fans will just love it – music sounds much more fun when you know the history behind it. An iPad version of the book makes it much more handy.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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