How to Create Time Lapse Video using your iPad or iPhone

You might have watched videos, especially on Discovery Channel or on National Geographic and wondered about the videos of a certain area for days, or weeks or even months on end? Some of such videos are like – a plant growing, a bird’s egg hatching, an ant building a hill, a dam or a building under construction etc. Such videos are called Time Lapse videos, where you take photos at regular intervals over a period of time and then merge all those photos to create an awesome video. If you ever wondered how to create one – here’s the good news! You do not need an expensive camera and you can do it using your iPhone or iPad.

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Time Lapse Camera HD Review

Want to know what your pet is doing when you are not at home? How about your nanny? What goes on around your home? Watch the sunrise or fall compressed to a one-minute video. All this you can do using a Time Lapse Video. Time Lapse Video adds life to your photographs and lets you create awesome videos.

Bought to you by CATEATER LLC, Time Lapse Camera HD lets you create stunning looking 16:9 HD time-lapse videos instantly on your iPad or iPhone or iPad. No computer needed, no wait time. Instant playback. Create fantastic movies your friends will enjoy or share it with the world on Youtube, Facebook and Co. You can then use iMovie to add cool themes, titles, sounds and transitions right on your device.

Below is a sample Time Lapse video created using Time Lapse Camera HD:

Time Lapse Camera HD helps you to create fantastic movies with several unique features:

• Up to HD 16:9 resolution 1280×720 (on supported devices)
• Video instantly created, no computer needed, no wait time
• Share your movies on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes or by Email
• Supports both landscape and portrait movies
• Time interval as little as 1/4 seconds and up to 24 hours
• Front and back camera support with full focus, exposure and white balance control
• Build in zoom and grid
• Add music from your own song library to your movie or add audio
• AirPlay support. Watch time lapse videos direct on your TV.
• Build in time-lapse movies gallery
• Add timestamps to the each frame

Tip: For the best time lapse results, your iOS device has to be plugged in at the same spot.You may need a Tripod or a Gorillapod with iOS device mounting bracket to keep it mounted at the same place.


Time Lapse videos are just awesome. Make one for yourself getting old (or wise :-)) or make one for your kid growing up. Make one using Time Lapse Camera HD.

[rating: 5/5]

How to Download Time Lapse Camera HD

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