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Letris 2 Review

Letris 2 is the modern day Tetris which tests your vocabulary skills while you play. As a Tetris addict, I did not take long to get addicted to Letris 2 as well. It is fun, keeps you excited and makes you realize how less you know 🙂

Letris 2 comes in 3 modes – Letris, Acronymus, and WordMatrix. Letris comes in 3 modes – Normal, Difficult and Extreme. In the Normal and Difficult level, you can combine letters from anywhere in the screen, however, the Extreme mode allows you to select the neighboring letters of the selected letters only.

While playing Letris, you need to build words in order to keep the screen clean, just like Tetris. You get points for building words and if you don’t build words – the screen gets piled up and game gets over. To complete a level, you need to consume 100 letters in building words and you get bonus points for keeping the screen empty.

In the Acronymus game, you need to remove all the letters from the screen by making words. The game is similar to Letris, but gives you the option to use hints or abandon it by using a white flag.

In the WordMatrix game, you need to remove the maximum number of letters possible from the screen by making words. If you can’t solve one level, you can use hints or abandon it with the white flag.
Letris 2 gives you the ability to beat your friends with 2 new split screen multiplayer modes specially designed for iPad: Duel and Endurance. Letris 2 is truly an universal app with retina graphics and HD. You can use iCloud to seamlessly switch between the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch without ever having to restart your game.


A fun game – keeps you glued for long and is difficult to be away from the game. Somehow I had problems with the app music not working on my device even though I I did not care for the music.

[rating: 4/5]

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