Weather App which Recommends the Best Time for an Activity

There are lots of apps out there which will tell you the weather forecast, hotels near you and so on. However, there are not many apps, which gives you the data in an optimized way. For example, I wish there was an app, which would let me know when is the best time to go golfing today or I wish there was an app, which would recommend me a good hotel if I plan a road journey.

This was till I found an app, which does something I would be interested in – Foresee.

Foresee will help answer questions such as…

“What’s a good time to go running today?”
“What time can we go to the pool?”
“Is the weekend looking good for a hike?”
“Let’s have a cookout tonight! How’s the weather?”
“When is it going to stop raining so I can mow the lawn?”


By intelligently analyzing your ideal conditions with the latest weather data, Foresee provides you the best times for your activities. Simply put, Foresee is your intelligent personal activity forecast!


• Huge selection of activities!
• Easily view ideal times for your activities
• Plan the rest of the day or week ahead
• Personalize each activity with the weather conditions important to you
• Customize activities with over 100 colors
• Share an activity forecast with friends by Facebook & Twitter
• Use your activity forecasts in thousands of cities around the world
• Switch between multiple cities
• English vs metric units
• Intuitive and attractive design
• Use every day to help you plan ahead!

Download Foresee from the App Store. It costs only $1 and is a great intelligent app to have!

New York iPad Subscription Discount

New York Magazine for iPad Subscriptions Are 50 Percent Cheaper!

For the next two weeks, annual iPad subscriptions for New York‘s incredible iPad app are half off: Just $9.99 (instead of the usual $19.99). What you’ll get: a uniquely integrated app with complete iPad-optimized versions of the weekly magazine and a live stream of new content from New York Media’s network of websites (including Grub Street, of course). Plus, subscribe now and get instant access to this week’s Cheap Eats issue — crucial intel for discerning budget gourmands. [iTunes]

new york magazine

Learn Phonics | ABCSounds Review

Some time back we had reviewed ABC Sounds Lite app (review can be found here). ABC Sounds is an iOS app to help kids learn phonics. Created by Tender Learning Concepts or TLC Inc. (owned by Barbara Milne), ABC Sounds turned out to be our favorite phonics app and we named it the best phonics app.

ABC Sounds now has a newer version – ABC Sounds. ABC Sounds is a priced at $1.99 and is truly awesome. ABC Sounds has lots of animation and rewards that children love! This app has been developed from Barbara Milne’s famous “Apple apple Aaa” song found on her Sounds Like Learning CD.

abc sounds | phonics

Features of ABC Sounds
* A multi-sensory learning tool. It combines audio, voice and written words.
* Develops auditory discrimination by introducing the letter names and sounds.
* Develops eye hand coordination by requiring the child to touch the “Hidden Letter”, the capital and lower case letter. It also helps child track left to right to follow pictures and sounds.
* Your child will learn to recognize the word by the sounds they hear in this app.
* The pictures look more like the actual letter and have a “Hidden Letter” inside the picture. This memory device makes it easier for children to remember the shape of the letter AND the sound as a unit.
* This app is created for children starting at about 1 year old and can go all the way up to adults who want to learn the English language.
* This app can also be used in the classroom.

With over 2 million CDs sold, 25 million views and 35000+ subscribers on YouTube, parents and children from all over the world have discovered the joy of learning together through sing-a-longs, games and story books created by Barbara Milne. Now Barbara Milne has her seconds iOS app available – ABC Sounds.

ABC Sounds uses listen and touch technique powered by the use of hidden letters in pictures to help kids memorize phonics and letters.

ABC Sounds is available in the Apple App Store for immediate download. If you have a kid learning phonics – it is the best gift you can give to your child.

MegaFlux : Your Next Challenge is Here

App Reviewed: MegaFlux

Developer: SoFresh Games
Platform: Android
Category: Games
Price: Free (when reviewed)

MegaFlux Review

MegaFlux is a mind bending fun puzzle game for Android devices. Game starts with a grid of nano pipes which needs to be arranged in such a way so that the same color flux reaches the processor of the same color.  Flux is used to power the processor and depending on the grid size of your level, there may be multiple processors of different colors.


Does it sound simple? If it does then wait till you play in a larger grid in challenge mode. When I first played this game, it took a while for me to understand it. Thanks to the inbuilt help section, I was able to learn all the rules pretty quickly and then it was time to actually apply those rules.  With smaller grid you would find it to be easier to simply adjust the nano pipes to get the flux flowing to the right colored processor. The components can be rotated to change the direction in which grid flows. There is a timer which keeps on running and records your overall time to solve the current puzzle. It will also help you in getting scoring high and get stars based on your performance.

MegaFlux_PromoScreen2_Levels   MegaFlux_PromoScreen3_Editor  MegaFlux_PromoScreen4_Challenges

There are 2 modes in which game can be played. Relaxed Mode – Consists of unlimited random levels with size and difficulty choices. Challenge Mode – Consists of more than 50 challenging levels. Few components will even modify the Flux entering it.

You can create your own levels with 80+ tiles to unlock and there are 66 medals that can be won. MegaFlux also allows you to share your scores with your friends and others. Overall your will enjoy this game and it can turn into addiction really soon.


  • 2 modes
  • Exciting and Challenging


If you like puzzle games, then you are going to love MegaFlux.

How to Download MegaFlux

You can download MegaFlux directly from Google Play or simply scan your QR Code.

MegaFlux_GameIconHD_512x512  MegaFlux_BarcodeGooglePlay

Igrecway Hangman Review

App Reviewed: Igrecway Hangman

Developer: Igrecway
Category: Games
Price: Free (when reviewed)
Version Reviewed: 1.1

Igrecway Hangman Review

Igrecway Hangman is your very own old hangman game in a new design. Hangman is one of the most popular word guessing game which I believe almost everyone would have played. You will be given a word and as a player you would need to guess it by suggesting letters. For every wrong letter, hangman character will get closer to being hanged. If you run out of maximum allowed guesses, game is over.

Igrecway Hangman is available for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad now.  Below are the main features of Igrecway Hangman:

Large Dictionary: Igrecway Hangman claims to have a very large dictionary. Having a big database of words gives you a chance to play for a very long period.

Additional Dictionary for Kids: You can switch from default mode to Kids only mode where the words are easier and can easily be guessed by kids. Anytime during the play you can again switch to default mode using the menu button.

hangman_1 hangman_3

2 modes: Hangman app also has 2 modes i.e Easy and Hard. Depending on what level you’re comfortable with you can switch between these two modes. I would suggest that you start with ‘Easy’ mode.

Hint: Anytime you’re struck and need help, simply touch the ‘Hint’ button and you will be given a hint of what the word is related to.  When I played, I used hint few times in the game and almost every time, I was able to guess the word using the hint.

Scoring: You score is recorded for each play and can be checked in the menu section. Score is divided in 2 categories i.e. rescued and hanged. Rescued is number of times you were able to successfully guess the word and ‘Hanged’ count shows that total no. of times you’re unable to guess the word correctly within maximum no. of attempts.


Enhance your vocabulary easily: Reason why hangman is so popular is because it is one of the easiest and fun ways to increase your word vocabulary and it really is a great time pass.

Nice Graphics: Hangman app has a nice and simple design which makes you totally concentrate on your word guessing skills. No flashes or ads to distract you.


  • Large dictionary
  • Hints
  • Additional Dictionary for Kids


Igrecway Hangman is one of the best ways to increase your English vocabulary while having fun. Whether you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this app needs to be in your favorite app lists.

How to Download Igrecway Hangman

You can download Igrecway Hangman directly from App Store or you could scan the below barcode from your smartphone.

hangman_icon hangman_qrcodeappstore