Ultimate Christmas Quiz

Do you think you know enough about Christmas? I challenge you to take this Christmas test all by yourself and see how you fare. You can then have your friends, family and relatives go through the same quiz and enjoy Christmas with fun and togetherness!

App Reviewed: Ultimate Christmas Quiz


  • Ultimate Christmas Quiz for iPad


Category: Games

Version: 1.0

Size: 2.6 MB

Language: English

Seller: Handyx Limited

Price: $2.99 (when reviewed)

Ultimate Christmas Quiz App Review

Ultimate Christmas Quiz is an ultimate way to test your knowledge of all things festive with this fun interactive quiz experience. Question topics include Christmas movies, stories, carols and popular music, interesting festive facts, food and drink and Xmas traditions from around the world.

ultimate christmas quiz 1

The quiz is comprehensive, featuring 500 questions. This fun and educational quiz will get you in the Christmas mood.

There are 2 options – Answer sets of questions in rounds of 10, or in a continuous stream. If you think you know it all then crank up the tension with the question countdown timer for an even greater challenge. In the ‘Timer Play’ contestants in the hot seat are under increased pressure to correctly answer questions before the time runs out!

Take your knowledge further by visiting videos and web content about each question.

ultimate christmas quiz 2

Be inspired by fascinating facts from Christmas past and wonderful carols that conjure up happy family days. This quiz is perfect for sharing with friends and family members, and as a fun Christmas party activity!

ultimate christmas quiz 3


Designed only for the iPad, the Ultimate Christmas Quiz has nice cute graphics and good set of questions. A great fun way to get into festive mood. Get the Ultimate Christmas Quiz now!

[rating: 5/5]

How to Download Ultimate Christmas Quiz

Download Ultimate Christmas Quiz from the App Store

Rich Note & PDF Maker Review

Rich Note is a word processor application for writing rich text notes, converting your note to other formats such as PDF, image, html or webarchive file, as well as opening and printing images/PDF/office document/iWorks document. Does Rich Note & PDF Maker stand out from the rest of the crowd? Let’s find out..

App Reviewed: Rich Note & PDF Maker

Category: Business

Version : 2.6.5

Size: 3.4 MB

Price: $3.99 (when reviewed)

Rich Note & PDF Maker Review

Rich Note & PDF Maker is powerful word processor app aimed at those who like to write elegant notes, articles, blogs, research papers, mails, drafts and web pages for publishing online. a business app aimed at business and tech savvy users, who can use their iOS device for almost anything.

Rich Note files are created with an extension .rnote and it allows you to:

  1. Font changes – Change font size, type, properties (bold, italics, underline, color), highlight text and background color etc.
  2. Paragraph changes – Left, Centered, Right, Heading text or normal text, paragraph spacing etc.
  3. Bullet or Numbered list – Rich Note supports 3 kinds of numbered lists and 6 kinds of bulleted lists.

Apart form the features mentioned above (default expectation for a word processor), Rich Note also packs a punch for the following features:

  1. Insert hyperlink for web pages, emails, references for headings or bookmarks in your document.
  2. Automatic table of contents generation.When you print or generate a PDF/Images, page numbers are calculated for you and are included in the Table of Contents automatically.
  3. Insert images, draw an image with your finger, crop images. You can import images from photo album, image files in Rich Note or take an image from camera.
  4. Find & Replace.
  5. Password protection.

rich note & pdf makerRich Note lets you convert your note to other formats, namely: PDF/Images or HTML/webarchive format. The converted files can be saved in folders,printed or sent with an email or opened in other applications. The image can also be saved to the photo album.

Share doesn’t get any easier than this – you can do file transer over Wi-Fi, USB port using iTines, email and Dropbox.

Other notable features using Rich Note & PDF Maker:

  • Rename, copy, move, or delete files or folders.
  • Zip&Unzip files or folders.
  • Sort your files by name,size,type or time.
  • Notes / Folders Search.
  • Specify a theme for Rich Note
  • Supports AirPrint
  • Supports Auto-Save

A comprehensive list of what Rich Note & PDF Maker can do for you is present in their support page. Click here to access the support page.


Rich Note & PDF Maker packs a lot of features (infact all the features) you would expect from a Word Processor. It comes with a iPhone and iPad version. You need to download just one version at use it with all your iOS devices. Rich Note & PDF Maker is compatible with the iPhone 5 as well. Rich Note & PDF Maker has made my life so much smoother. You should give definitely give it a shot!

[rating: 5/5]

How to Download Rich Note & PDF Maker

Download Rich Note & PDF Maker from the App Store

Autosprint Review

Autosprint has been Europe’s leading motorsport magazine for 50 years. Now you can have a special version of Autosprint for iPad in English. The issue is entirely dedicated to the F1 2012 World Championship. Inside the magazine you can find a review of the season, news, analysis, interviews, and additional multimedia content including photos, interviews and videos.

App Reviewed: Autosprint

Category: News

Price: Free*

(*App itself is free, but in-app purchase is needed to read the a particular issue).

Autosprint Review

Autosprint has been the leading European motor sport magazine for 50 years. The magazine provides news, analysis, interviews, reports of all races of F1, rally and any other category Italian and international.

Now Autosprint has an iPad app, which you download and read as early as Monday evening of each week.

autosprint review

Autosprint was in Italian and now they’ve added the English version as well. The English issue is entirely dedicated to the F1 2012 World Championship. Inside the magazine you can find a review of the season, news, analysis, interviews, and additional multimedia content including photos, interviews and videos.

You need to buy the free application from iTunes App Store and you get the ability to purchase each week’s digital copy of the magazine where you can read all the articles in the magazine and enjoy additional multimedia along with the highlights of the major races of the weekend just ended.  The application allows you to purchase a number of the magazine at a time.

English version is available for free and for the purpose of this review we had bought AS 48 ENGLISH for $1.99 through in-app purchase


Autosprint looks great and will definitely allure to F1 motor sport fans. The app is finely crafted and make a good read. The magazine itself has been widely popular and loved by the motor sport enthusiasts. If you’re a F1 fan – get one today!

[Rating: 5/5]

How to Download Autosprint

Download Autosprint from the Apple App Store

Best Phonics App Ever!

There are hundreds of materials out there, which can help you learn phonics. iPhones and iPads make phonics learning so much easier and kind of on-the go thing that not even kids, but also adults are enjoying learning phonics as they travel different places and learn the different ways in which English is spoken through out the world.

Today’s review is a phonics app, which we like a lot and probably is the best phonics app ever!

App Reviewed: ABC Sounds Lite

Category: Education

Released: Oct 29, 2012

Version: 1.0

Size: 34.8 MB

Language: English

Seller: Tender Learning Concepts Inc

ABC Sounds Review

ABC Sounds Lite is an iOS app from Tender Learning Concepts or TLC Inc. Tender Learning Concepts is owned by Barbara Milne. If you’re not aware, Barbara is childhood educator, who loves to teach kids. Hugely popular amongst kids, Barbara says, “Interacting with newborns through words and music helps them develop language skills and understand the world around them. Inspired by lullabies and nursery rhymes, our auditory learning system uses soothing music, simple lyrics, and repetition designed to “stick”, with the purpose of teaching young children basic language and spatial reasoning; such as the alphabet, common objects, animals, manners and numbers.”

With over 2 million CDs sold, 25 million views and 35000+ subscribers on YouTube, parents and children from all over the world have discovered the joy of learning together through sing-a-longs, games and story books created by Barbara Milne. Now Barbara Milne has her first iOS app available – ABC Sounds Lite.

ABC Sounds is a wonderful way to introduce your young child to the phonetic sounds used in the English language. This app was created from Barbara Milne’s famous “Apple apple Aaa” song found on her SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD.

Features of ABC Sounds Lite

✓Barbara’s music is unique because it is based on a slow and relaxing beat, simple background and repetition that young children need and love.
✓Have been used in homes for over 30 years and they really work!
✓Millions have watched and learned the English letter sounds from her YouTube videos, and this wonderful learning tool is now available in app form!
✓All of the music and vocals on this app are performed by Barbara Milne. It is her soothing and beautiful tone that has made her music so popular with children.

★ ABCSOUNDS is a multi-sensory learning tool. It combines audio, voice and written words.
★ Your child will learn to recognize the word by the sounds they hear in this app.
★ The pictures look more like the actual letter and have a “Hidden Letter” inside the picture. This “mnemonic” device makes it easier for children to remember the shape of the letter AND the sound as a unit.
★This app is created for children starting at about 1 year old and can go all the way up to adults who want to learn the English language.
★This app can also be used in the classroom.


Without any hesitation – ABC Sounds is the best phonics app ever! There can be only one app, which can beat ABC Sounds when it comes to phonics – it may be another app from Barbara. Whether you want your kids to learn phonics or you want to learn it yourself – get ABC Sounds today!


How to Download ABC Sounds – Lite

You can download ABC Sounds Lite from the Apple iTunes Store


Atlas by Collins Review

Atlas by Collins is produced by Collins – publishers of the Collins Atlas range and the authoritative Times Atlas of the World, and one of the most respected cartographic teams on the planet – in partnership with the Other Media, developers of the bestselling Wonders of the Universe app.

App Reviewed: Atlas by Collins

Category: Reference

Price: $6.99

Seller: Harper Collins Publishers Limited

Atlas by Collins Review

Atlas by Collins makes use of the latest Apple technology and is available for iPad 2 and above, and iPhone 4 and above only. It is a very attractive app. Though a map app, it is very different that Google Maps. World data is presented in an easy-to-use, self-contained app.

Atlas by Collins offers access to seven different globes, arranged by theme, allowing you to see information presented in beautiful mapping and graphics. The app covers everything from standard atlases to people, energy consumption, and production, as well as our impact on the planet — with more promised in the future.

Atlas by Collins has over 200,000 places to be explored, which are accessible offline. Discover the detail behind countries in the news, enhance your studies or presentations and explore the planet on a selection of interactive globes.


Atlas by Collins features:

  • Satellite map: A clear satellite image of the Earth from space down to street level
  • Physical maps: 3-D maps display physical features such as oceans, mountains and deserts
  • Political maps: Current states and territories, political and economic alliances, and historical maps showing the effects of exploration, colonialism and conflict
  • Environment: The impact of human life on the natural world, and how countries compare on environmental issues such as pollution and forest loss
  • Population: Statistics about the people who inhabit the world, including population trends, migration, and birth and death rates
  • Communications: How technology connects the world, including mobile coverage, Internet usage and number of telephone lines
  • Energy: The distribution of energy resources, and patterns in energy production and consumption


Only part of map is part of the initial download, so you’ll need to download the others manually within the app. The app needs about 1.1 GB. The app is not available for iPad 1 or iPhone 3Gs and below. Apart from these issues – Atlas by Collins app is a wealth of information and is a must have for those who’re interested in geographical data. Most data is self-contained and doesn’t require Internet connection.

[rating: 5/5]

How to Download Atlas by Collins

Download Atlas by Collins from the iTunes App Store