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Penultimate Review

Penultimate lets you take notes, keep sketches, or share — in the office, on the go, or home on the sofa. When you first open your new copy of Penultimate, you’ll find a “welcome” notebook that will walk you through all of the major features. The example notebook is excellent as it “teaches” you everything you need to know about the app. You’ll be scribbling and whizzing through your pages and notebooks in no time. Writing technology from Penultimate is second to none.

Writing in Penultimate is a pure joy. As you draw or write with your fingers, the developers have given the virtual ink a very distinct look, almost like calligraphy. The ink is thick in some areas and thinner in others. If you want to adjust the thickness or color of your ink, simply tap and hold the pen icon at the bottom of the page to make your changes.

Three different photo-realistic paper styles are included, along with a magically effective eraser tool . If you want a special paper style, you can import any image to create and share your own attractive template, or visit The Paper Shop in the app to see the latest convenient collections available for download.

Penultimate can manage as many notebooks as you can create, each with an infinite number of pages. View your list in a notebook carousel — or sort and scroll in a fast grid view. When your notebooks get large, you can browse quickly through all pages, or insert, delete, duplicate, and reorganize pages within and between notebooks.

You can send single page images or full notebooks in PDF format to anyone. Collaborate with your colleagues by exporting and importing Penultimate Notebook and Paper files directly via email or iTunes File Sharing. Whether you’re in a conference room or classroom, you can use the iPad VGA Adapter to share your notes on a screen or projector, as your audience follows along with your work in real time. Print directly from your iPad with ePrint-compatible printers.


Probably one of the apps I use the most on my iPad. I use it for everything from simple notes, planning, and especially to annotate photos. Landscape view is annoying to use and there here isn’t any zoom feature available, but still Penultimate is pretty good to keep me hooked to it.

I frequently do instructional notes, like sending my parents screenshots of my iPad to explain to them how to do things and what apps to get. Best part of it all is being able to wrap up a notebook and quickly share it with others. Also get a stylus, that helps of course. I have a 7$ targus one, works perfectly.

[rating: 4/5]

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