Rich Note & PDF Maker Review

Rich Note is a word processor application for writing rich text notes, converting your note to other formats such as PDF, image, html or webarchive file, as well as opening and printing images/PDF/office document/iWorks document. Does Rich Note & PDF Maker stand out from the rest of the crowd? Let’s find out..

App Reviewed: Rich Note & PDF Maker

Category: Business

Version : 2.6.5

Size: 3.4 MB

Price: $3.99 (when reviewed)

Rich Note & PDF Maker Review

Rich Note & PDF Maker is powerful word processor app aimed at those who like to write elegant notes, articles, blogs, research papers, mails, drafts and web pages for publishing online. a business app aimed at business and tech savvy users, who can use their iOS device for almost anything.

Rich Note files are created with an extension .rnote and it allows you to:

  1. Font changes – Change font size, type, properties (bold, italics, underline, color), highlight text and background color etc.
  2. Paragraph changes – Left, Centered, Right, Heading text or normal text, paragraph spacing etc.
  3. Bullet or Numbered list – Rich Note supports 3 kinds of numbered lists and 6 kinds of bulleted lists.

Apart form the features mentioned above (default expectation for a word processor), Rich Note also packs a punch for the following features:

  1. Insert hyperlink for web pages, emails, references for headings or bookmarks in your document.
  2. Automatic table of contents generation.When you print or generate a PDF/Images, page numbers are calculated for you and are included in the Table of Contents automatically.
  3. Insert images, draw an image with your finger, crop images. You can import images from photo album, image files in Rich Note or take an image from camera.
  4. Find & Replace.
  5. Password protection.

rich note & pdf makerRich Note lets you convert your note to other formats, namely: PDF/Images or HTML/webarchive format. The converted files can be saved in folders,printed or sent with an email or opened in other applications. The image can also be saved to the photo album.

Share doesn’t get any easier than this – you can do file transer over Wi-Fi, USB port using iTines, email and Dropbox.

Other notable features using Rich Note & PDF Maker:

  • Rename, copy, move, or delete files or folders.
  • Zip&Unzip files or folders.
  • Sort your files by name,size,type or time.
  • Notes / Folders Search.
  • Specify a theme for Rich Note
  • Supports AirPrint
  • Supports Auto-Save

A comprehensive list of what Rich Note & PDF Maker can do for you is present in their support page. Click here to access the support page.


Rich Note & PDF Maker packs a lot of features (infact all the features) you would expect from a Word Processor. It comes with a iPhone and iPad version. You need to download just one version at use it with all your iOS devices. Rich Note & PDF Maker is compatible with the iPhone 5 as well. Rich Note & PDF Maker has made my life so much smoother. You should give definitely give it a shot!

[rating: 5/5]

How to Download Rich Note & PDF Maker

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