LowRx – Prescription Prices, Discount Card, and Coupons

LowRx – Prescription Prices, Discount Card, and Coupons is an awesome discount prescription card for all US wide pharmacy stores, which helps you save money on medicine, find nearest pharmacy store and get price estimate of any drug. Integration with Passbook makes it much easier to use.

App Reviewed: LowRx – Prescription Prices, Discount Card, and Coupons

Developer: Group Net
Category: Medical
Price: Free (when reviewed)
Version Reviewed: 1.0


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LowRx – Discount Prescription Card Review

Almost every pharmacy in US offers their discount card which helps you save money on your medicine purchase. LowRx is your single discount card for all the stores and LowRX1is digitally stored on your iPhone’s Passbook so you don’t even need to carry any physical card or remember your membership number.

Pharmacy Locator – You will not only save money by using the discount prescription card but will also save fuel by using the pharmacy locator feature of LowRx. Using pharmacy locator, you can find the nearest pharmacy in your area. App gets your current location and then uses Google maps to help you get there. Address and Phone no. of the pharmacy are also shown here.

Save up to 75% on medicines – This is the most important feature of LowRx Discount Prescription Card App. It can help you up to 75% of your medicine cost at any US pharmacy like Walgreens, CVS etc.

No Membership Fee or Contract – If you are wondering that you need to pay any charges to avail a good discount then you’re wrong. LowRx Membership is totally free and you don’t have to spend a penny. Simply download the app and start using it to get up to 75% discounts.


Exclusively Designed for Passbook – A pass can be easily created and then added to your iPhone’s Passbook.  Your pass will contain member name, member id and a barcode for scanning by the pharmacist.

Unlimited Free Use – You can use the same pass as many times as you want. Once you download a pass it will be stored in your passbook and can be used over & over again. No extra cost.

Easy to Use – LowRx is very easy to use. After creating a pass , just locate the pharmacy where you want to visit, open your passbook and show them your discount pass and avail benefit.

Built-In Drug Estimator – Want to know the price of the medicine before you go to buy it? LowRx also has a drug estimator using which you can get a price estimate of the medicine. It will also show the alternate medicine (if any) with its estimate price. Simply search for the brand name or generic drug name and choose the option from the search results shown below. Matching option  will be shown as you start typing the medicine name.


Help and Support – Instructions to use the app features are clearly mentioned in the app. In case you have any question on how to use the app to generate the pass or use drug estimator, simply go to the help section.


  • Up to 75% discount without any membership fee
  • Can be used in any pharmacy across US
  • Integration with Passbook
  • Drug Estimator


  • Graphics is very simple and could have been better.


Next time before you head over to get medicines, make sure you’ve opened LowRx to save money in smartest, easiest possible way.  Must have app for your iPhone.

How to Download LowRx – Discount Prescription Card

You can download LowRx – Discount Prescription Card directly from the App Store.

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