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Without doubt, the advent of the internet has made our lives so simple. However, there is one aspect, which makes me feel terrible is passwords. With hundreds of passwords to remember, it is not getting any easier either. There are a few applications, which let you store passwords and similar information, but I’m not a big fan of such applications either. Any security breach of such an application will cause you to go berserk. So, the need is to have a password management system that is 100% secure and leaves no room for error.

That said, 1Password isn’t any password management software. Unlike it’s name, 1Password can store almost any information, not just passwords. This comes handy when you want to buy something online, but you don’t have your credit or debit card handy. Infact, it eliminates the need to carry all those plastic cards with you.

1Password boasts hardware accelerated AES encryption, so even if you lost your device, someone would have to toil very very hard to gain access to your passwords.

Using 1Password

The first time you open 1Password, you’re asked to set an unlock code and a master password. Unlock code is a simple, four-digit passcode, which is needed to open the app every single time.

The second password is a master password, and works as a second layer of security. This should be a fairly secure password, and you can use it to further secure your data. After setting both passwords, you’re ready to add some data to the app.

Adding Items to 1Password

Adding data to 1Password is equally simple. Simply tap Add at the bottom, and select what you’d like to add. Tap on Login, and enter a service URL. For this example, we’ve used the Rackspace screenshot. After entering a URL and a service name, you’ll be asked to enter your username and password.

1password web password

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to see the entry for that login. You can add notes to it, and even secure it with the master password, which forces you to enter that password if you want to see that entry. Tapping on the domain name will open a browser within the app and take you to the login form, which will be already filled in, using the credentials you entered.

You can also add credit card information as shown below.

1password credit card

Generating Password

One feature I like the most is the ability to generate new and random password. Randomly generated passwords make the possibility of cracking the application much more difficult.

Data Sync, Backup & Restore

1Password has iPhone, iPad and Mac versions of the same app available. It lets you sync in two different ways: directly with Wi-Fi and through Dropbox. You can also backup and restore the app’s data, which is especially useful if you don’t sync the app with the desktop version.

Security Addons

Depending on how critical the saved information is, you can also add security layers, like:

  • Changing the password and auto-lock times. You can set the auto-lock time to anything between 1 – 30 minutes or even never.
  • Choosing to lock the app when it’s inactive – When you quit the app or switch to another app, 1Password gets locked immediately.

Difference between 1Password and 1Password Pro

The only difference between 1Password and 1Password Pro is that 1Password is a special edition of the 1Password Pro app, which works only on the iPhone and iPod Touch. 1Password Pro will work on all the OS X devices. So, if you’re wondering, which one to choose – choose 1Password Pro because as of now there isn’t any upgrade path available. If you decide to move up to 1Password Pro, you have to cough up the full price again.


1Password changed my impression of the password management apps. It’s incredibly versatile and offers a plethora of options. Plus, the fact that it encrypts everything using AES technology makes it that much better, allows me to generate password – has helped me feel safe and secure with all that data in there.

There are some minor things that could be improved, like the master-password interface, which is kind of ugly when compared to other interfaces. At $5.99 or $8.99, it might seem expensive, but believe me – it is worth the price paying for the secured and productivity you’ll get out of it.

It would be nice if Agile Web Solutions offered an in-app upgrade path from the regular version to the pro version. As it stands now, if you decide to move up to 1Password Pro, you have to cough up the full price again.

Apart from that, the app’s great. It’s very stable and works like a charm.

[rating: 4.5/5]

How to get 1Password

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