Simplex Spelling – English Reverse Phonics App Review

The education market has receive a tremendous boost by the advent of iOS and Android apps. Kids no longer have to rely on classroom or their parents to teach them or give them direction. Education apps are empowering kids to learn on their own, and learn while they plan.

App Reviewed: Simplex Spelling HD – English Reverse Phonics App

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Price: $4.99

Simplex Spelling HD – English Reverse Phonics App Review

Simplex Spelling is a universal education app. You purchase it once and you can then use it on all your iOS devices. Simplex Spelling uses the reverse phonics approach with contextually relevant spelling rules that help kids understand why words are spelled in a particular manner. While playing with the words and the app, kids never feel the pressure to learn. Shortly you’ll start witnessing the language improvement in your kids.

Simplex takes more than 260 high frequency spelling words to help build literacy.

The app begins in a way you might have never seen earlier. Features of the app have been turned into a spelling list. When you start using the app – you feel that you’ve started using the app, when in fact you’re actually learning how to use the app.

The words are broken up into different spelling lists of 10 words each and give the ability to create different accounts. One of the best features of the app is the ability to create multiple users at the same time. The app keeps track of all the accounts created and provides detailed statistics for each user are available about how many times a word has been attempted and if mastery has been achieved. A built-in review function also makes it easy to quickly review only their missed words in a specific list.


Simplex Spelling is a great learning app for the kids. Design leaves room for improvement. However, still, the app has tremendous potential and is too good to be missed. Hopefully the improvements are on the way in future releases. Kids deserve such a learning experience.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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