Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 Review

Apple App Store now has an impressive set of educational apps ranging from apps for the basics to higher learning. A few companies are actively involved in the educational market and have an impressive set of educational apps. Pyxwise Software Inc. is one such company which is growing fast in this arena. We had earlier reviewed an app by Pyxwise Software Inc. – Simplex Spelling – English Reverse Phonics and today we’re going to review Simplex Spelling Phonics 1.

App Reviewed: Simplex Spelling Phonics 1

Category: Education

Price: $4.99

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 Review

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 is geared towards improving English spelling and reading skills by using a powerful combination of phonics lessons, spelling/word patterns, the unique “reverse phonics” approach developed by Pyxwise Software Inc.

The app teaches has a huge collection of 450 high frequency words, which are divided into 42 lists, each one of which works with a different phonics rule. Each of the 42 lists comes with a lesson that teaches one of the basic building blocks of spelling in the English language. These basic building blocks include the different phonograms, sounds, and spelling rules.

Each spelling list begins with a mini lesson, which can be repeated at any time while working through the spelling list. The lesson gives rules on pronunciation, which is also helpful for students that are saying the words after they spell them. App is powerful enough to enable teachers to prepare supporting items in case a student is struggling. Multiple users can be added to the app and each users progress can be tracked separately.

The interface is easy to use and hints help the user along the way if he or she gets stuck on a particular word. This is a great app for teaching your children to spell.


Studies indicate that students who learn to read through phonics have a higher level of literacy than students who learn to read by using flash cards and any other means. It is an awesome and a solid, educational spelling app to help boost your child’s confidence.

[rating: 4.75/5]

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