Skitch Review – Give Your Photos a New Lease of Life

App Reviewed: Skitch


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Skitch Review

Skitch is an Appstore Hall of Fame featured app. It lets you express yourself with fewer words, emails and meetings. Skitch now has a version for iPad, Mac and also Android. You can use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation to get your point across fast. Mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages then share them with anyone you like.

Skitch lets you:

  • Annotate: Add arrows, shapes and text to existing images
  • Create: Draw something new
  • Edit: Reposition, recolor and remove your annotations at will
  • Share: Send your sketches and annotations over Twitter and email
  • Present: Show your work in real time via AirPlay on Apple TV
  • Remember: Save everything to Evernote for later

Use Skitch to:

  • Sketch and share
  • Point out objects and locations in a photo
  • Brainstorm design ideas with your team
  • Identify a point of interest on a map


Skitch is a pretty useful app to give your photos a new lease of life. Fairly simple to use – it does not make you feel the need for lack of documentation. Sometimes you’d wish that it did a bit more, but for the most part – you will find it a pretty useful companion.

[rating: 3.5/5]

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