Slide to Unlock for Mac

Love the “Slide to Unlock” feature of your iOS devices? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you have the ability to “Slide to Unlock” on your Mac? Let’s see how to get Slide to Unlock on your Mac.

Lock Screen 2, by iDevelop Co. Ltd, is a Mac app that lets you lock your Mac with a keystroke, and then unlock it with a swipe or gesture known only to you!

  • Download Lock Screen 2 from the Mac Store. This app is available at $1.99 instead of the usual $4.99
  • Click the icon to launch Lock Screen 2 — It will put the app into your menu bar, which can then be accessed by clicking on the little lock icon there.
  • By default, Command-L will lock your Mac’s screen, bringing up the Slide to Unlock message that can be set in the preferences.
  • The picture can also be customized using the current desktop picture, an image file from your Mac, or the default image that comes with the App.





A bit more about Slide to Unlock

The United States Patent & Trademark Office issued patent grant # 8,046,721 to Apple pertaining to the familiar Slide to Unlock gesture. To see Jobs introduce the Slide to Unlock gesture to the world for the first time, fast forward to mark 15:30 in the clip embedded below.


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