Taxi Magic Review

App Reviewed: Taxi Magic


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Taxi Magic Review

Taxi Magic will let you do free electronic taxi booking across the US. Taxi Magic app provides an integrated online taxi booking and taxi dispatch system without you having to call make any phone call for the purpose.

Key Features:

  • Find taxis based on your location.
  • Book a taxi in a few quick taps.
  • Track the arrival of your taxi through dispatch updates and a map view.
  • Charge the ride to your credit card.
  • Expense the trip with an e-receipt.

‘Magic Booking’ is available with 75 leading taxi fleets in over 40 major U.S. cities, with tap-to-call fleets in 4,000 U.S. and Canadian cities. The Taxi Magic app and booking service are free. If you want to pay for the taxi ride with a credit card through the app and receive an e-receipt there is a $1.50 documentation charge.

To use the app, first tap the app and it will show you the cab near your current location.

Next, you confirm the cab and it will show you the progress of the cab towards you.

Use the cab and make the payment using the same app.

Taxi Magic app uses your location to automatically show you a list of taxi services at your disposal. If you’re too far away for one of Taxi Magic’s partner services, the app works like a yellow pages — you can browse the various companies and call one for a taxi whenever you want.


If you do a lot of business traveling, or live in an area where taxis are an occasional must, Taxi Magic is definitely a spell worth casting.

[rating: 3.5/5]

How to get Tax Magic

Get it from the iTunes Appstore: Taxi Magic for iPhone


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