The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises is a game based on the highly anticipated and final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s movie by the same name “The Dark Knight Rises.” I did not download the game earlier because I did not wish any sort of spoiler before I went for the movie. Now that I’ve seen the movie on July 20th and played the game in the weekend – here’s my review of The Dark Knight Rises.

App Reviewed: The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises Review

First, The Dark Knight Rises is tied to the plot of the film and contains spoilers, so I’m very happy with my decision of deferring the review of this app till I saw the movie. Those who have not seen the movie – I urge them to see the awesome movie first before they download the app.

For a mobile game, The Dark Knight Rises has considerable style. A 3D map of Gotham to travel, decent graphics, and a wide array of unlockables are just a few of the many attractive features of the game. The iPad delivers a much richer experience than the iPhone.

The Dark Knight Rises allows players to upgrade and add equipment as they gain experience, including vehicles like the Batpod. Unfortunately, the upgrades are also available immediately as in-app purchases. Probably a good money making trick by Gameloft, but it does not go down well with the players, who play for hours to upgrade and then come a few who have the money to throw for the in-app purchases.

The combat controls are a bit dodgy. Batman does not move elegantly and feels rustic.




The Dark Knight Rises leaves room for desire especially after watching the awesome movie and having played Arkham City game for PS3. But if you get inspired by the movie and decide to buy the game, you do have a few hours to relive as a Batman and save the Gotham city!

[rating: 3.5/5]

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