Tutor for iPhoto’11 Review

iPhoto ’11 has received a huge uplift with stunning full-screen views for Events, Places, Faces and Albums. It also offers new ways to share and showcase your photos. In fact, iPhoto ’11 has several new features and countless improvements. The problem is we as consumers rarely take advantage of the new and powerful features. 80% of the consumers only use 20% of the features. Rest of the features are never going to get used because we’re never aware of them. There has to be a way, which can help us be aware of all the features and it should let us quickly understand all the features.

App Reviewed: Tutor for iPhoto ’11

Category: Photo & Video

Price: $4.99

Tutor for iPhoto ’11 Review

First thing first: This app, which finds itself in the category of Photo & Video is actually an educational app. It teaches you how to use iPhoto ’11 on a Mac. Once again – All the three versions of the app (iPhone, iPad and Mac) teach you how to use iPhoto ’11 on Mac. It does not teach you how to use iPhoto ’11 on iPad.

Tutor for iPhoto ’11 includes 29 how-to videos on iPhoto ’11 which is included with the latest version of iLife (iLife ’11). The videos cover everything from the interface to importing your photos to using faces and places to assigning keywords to sharing with Facebook. Everything you need to organize, edit, and share your photos in just over an hour and a half!

The videos are downloaded and are not streamed, which makes it easy to reference them from anywhere. However, it does make the size of the app considerably bigger.  All the topics related to iPhoto ’11 are covered in approximately 90 minutes of videos. You will definitely be a knowledged and informed iPhoto ’11 user at the end of the videos.


Language in the videos is crisp and clear and videos are easy to follow and understand. It might well be the easiest way to become a proficient iPhoto ’11 user. Get it today!

[rating: 5/5]

How to Download Tutor for iPhoto ’11

Get it from the AppStore (iPhone or iPad version) or Mac AppStore.




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