Weather App which Recommends the Best Time for an Activity

There are lots of apps out there which will tell you the weather forecast, hotels near you and so on. However, there are not many apps, which gives you the data in an optimized way. For example, I wish there was an app, which would let me know when is the best time to go golfing today or I wish there was an app, which would recommend me a good hotel if I plan a road journey.

This was till I found an app, which does something I would be interested in – Foresee.

Foresee will help answer questions such as…

“What’s a good time to go running today?”
“What time can we go to the pool?”
“Is the weekend looking good for a hike?”
“Let’s have a cookout tonight! How’s the weather?”
“When is it going to stop raining so I can mow the lawn?”


By intelligently analyzing your ideal conditions with the latest weather data, Foresee provides you the best times for your activities. Simply put, Foresee is your intelligent personal activity forecast!


• Huge selection of activities!
• Easily view ideal times for your activities
• Plan the rest of the day or week ahead
• Personalize each activity with the weather conditions important to you
• Customize activities with over 100 colors
• Share an activity forecast with friends by Facebook & Twitter
• Use your activity forecasts in thousands of cities around the world
• Switch between multiple cities
• English vs metric units
• Intuitive and attractive design
• Use every day to help you plan ahead!

Download Foresee from the App Store. It costs only $1 and is a great intelligent app to have!

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