White Water Safari: Adventure Begins Here

White Water Safari is one of those games which can easily become an addiction. With great graphics, easy controls, multiple characters and exciting challenges this never ending safari is recommended for anyone looking for an adventurous game.

App Reviewed: White Water Safari

Developer: Highveld Pty Ltd
Category: Games
Price: $0.99 (when reviewed)
Version Reviewed: 1.0


White Water Safari Review

Get on your powerboat and sail in the white water rapids and enjoy the ride while you cross several obstacles on the way. White Water Safari is an endless game where you can keep on going and enjoy the game as long as you want.  Try to get as many gold coins as you can, as those points will in turn help you buy new characters to ride your powerboat. If you hit an obstacle, you will fall from the boat and the game will end.

Easy Control: Powerboat is auto accelerated and you don’t have to control the speed. To avoid any obstacles you simply have to move boat left and right using on-screen buttons. Whenever you want to take a break, simply use the pause button or restart the game anytime during your safari.


Muliple Levels: As you earn gold coins and cover more distance, you will gain expertise in the game and can become a Rapid Conqueror from a Novice Boater. Levels add interest to the game and make it more challenging.

Special Powers: After you’ve covered some distance, powerboat speed will increase and you’ll get the opportunity to grab special powers like magnets, bubbles etc. These powers can help you increase the count of your gold coins and cover more distance. For e.g. when you get a bubble and as long as it’s active, you can cross the obstacles even after you hit them. This will help you cover more distance and earn more gold coins. Auto acceleration and special powers add the excitement factor to the game.

Multiple Characters to choose from: Chuck, Tracy, Price and Saki are the characters which are available now and can be used to ride your powerboat. Simply earn the points and buy these characters. If you are unable to earn enough points to buy these characters, then you can buy more coins from the inbuilt store.


Scoring: Distance that you cover in each run and the gold coins that you have gained will be displayed on the score card on the the screen.  Your total gold count will be displayed in the store as well.

Design and Graphics

White Water Safari has a very good design with excellent graphics. Overall scenery and the music of the game makes you feel that you’re really on an adventurous ride. Additional characters have a very unique and superb design too.


  • Awesome graphics and easy controls.
  • Addictive
  • Special powers and new characters


  • None


You would definitely like White Water Safari and if you’ve a kid he/she is going to thank you for downloading this app for him/her. After playing for while it can very easily become an addiction. A must download for your iPhone or iPad.

How to Download White Water Safari

You can download White Water Safari directly from App Store








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