Who Stole The Moon?

Join Bertie on his quest to find the moon, with this charming bedtime story that will gently nurture your child’s imagination, and send them off into the magical world of dreams. If the moon disappeared, wouldn’t you be worried too? Help solve the mystery! Meet some amazing animal friends. Play games with them and sing together. Follow Bertie through the whole book on his quest for the moon.

App Reviewed: Who Stole the Moon? 

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Price when Reviewed: $2.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad

Who Stole the Moon? Review

Who Stole the Moon? is a lovely and perfect bedtime book app for iPad and iPhone. Who Stole the Moon? is about a boy who is worried that the moon has been stolen when he can’t see it out his bedroom’s skylight one evening before bed.

A charming story develops further when the boy leaves his home to go ask the nocturnal animals if they had stolen the moon. The story is written in a style reminiscent of traditional folktales that kids just love to listen while falling asleep. The illustrations are nicely crafted and there is an impressive number of languages to choose from, each including its own language specific narration and text.

The app also includes some fun interactive elements and activities as well. Quality of illustrations is just awesome with a great use of the music. There is a memory game section involving the turning over of tiles in order to create pairs. Nice varieties of this type of game are included, each with its own distinct style of cards that need to be flipped, such as one shape per card, a specific number of shapes per tile creating a nice nod towards subsidizing as well as charming insect drawings, each game including 12 cards to flip over.

who stole the moon?

This app includes 16 puzzles, each broken into 25 or 64 pieces, which perform like classic jigsaw puzzles, each including a lot of game play. A finger-painting section is also available, which includes 16 blank sketches than need to be filled in with color. A variety of brush strokes are available, creating interesting designs with either a tap or a drag of a finger.

Interestingly, the undo button is not available, though you have the option to choose eraser to fix small mistakes.


Who Stole the Moon? is an incredible app for a nice bedtime story choice for toddlers and preschool age children. This ebook application for iPad and iPhone illustrates how technology can empower learning when used appropriately. Who Stole the Moon? engages children to think, listen, investigate through the interactive pages, and problem solve with 4 different mini-games.  The app makes learning a fun experience for children, holding strong potential to revolutionize childhood education.

[rating: 5/5]

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