WiFi Explorer Review

At home, office or outside – WiFi connections are a necessity. When outside of home or office, if you do not have a 3G enabled device or need to work with your Mac, there isn’t a need to go hunting for known Wi-Fi access points like Starbucks etc.  Just start your Mac  from anywhere — Use WiFi Explorer and look for the available Wi-Fi spots and choose the one, which fits you the best!


App Reviewed: WiFi Explorer

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WiFi Explorer Review

Without any slightest of the doubt, Apple Airport is great! However, in true sense of being an Apple product, it is what Apple products are known for. Simple and clean interface with minimal options for the user to change settings and reduce the possibility of screwing it up! However, sometimes you feel the need to be empowered.

When looking for a utility to find WiFi connections for your Mac – look no further than the WiFi Explorer.

WiFi Explorer quickly finds available WiFi connections and means to troubleshoot, if needed. You will be able to identify channel conflicts, overlapping and other factors (e.g. configuration issues) that may be affecting the connectivity and/or performance of your wireless network in homes, offices and other sites.

WiFi Explorer lets you get an insight into the network details: name (SSID), MAC address (BSSID), device manufacturer, signal strength (RSSI), noise, channel, band, security configuration, supported data rates and much more. You can monitor signal strength of each network over time and export metrics (average, maximum signal strength, etc.) and export the network details to CSV file format.


Nice app to have even if you won’t have a need to use it frequently.

[rating: 4/5]

How to Download WiFi Explorer

Download WiFi Explorer from the Mac App Store


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